Episode 123
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Raw Replays | 1995-08-07

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ECW Exposed | Ring Reinforcement
Clash of the Champions | Clash Of The Champions XXXI

Before defending his title against King Mabel at SummerSlam, WWE Champion Diesel battles Sir Mo. Razor Ramon and Savio Vega look to finish what they started a week earlier as they once again challenge Owen Hart and Yokozuna for the Tag Team Championship. Plus Fatu, Kama, and more in action.

Match Listing:

Kama with Ted DiBiase vs Troy Haste
Finish of Kama vs Troy Haste
Razor Ramon and Savio Vega vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna
Razor Ramon and Savio Vega vs Yokozuna and Owen Hart
Finish of Razor Ramon, Savio Vega vs Yokozuna, Owen Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Fatu vs Tony Devito
Diesel vs Sir Mo
Sir Mo vs Diesel
Finish of Sir Mo vs Diesel
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