Episode 121
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Event Rating: 4.00

Raw Replays | 1995-07-24

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ECW | Hardcore TV 118
In Your House | WWE In Your House 2 1995

After an incredible In Your House pay per view, Monday Night RAW unveils a brand new look and a new Intercontinental Champion in Shawn Michaels as he takes on Jimmy Del Ray. As the WWE Universe prepares for the debut of a Bizarre superstar, they are also greeted by Dean Douglas on an edition of The Report Card. And in a spectacular main event, Bret Hart goes head to head with Hakushi. Plus, The Smoking Gunns, Waylon Mercy, and many more on this exciting episode.

Match Listing:

Shawn Michaels vs Jimmy Del Ray
Finish of Shawn Michaels vs Jimmy Del Ray
Smoking Gunns vs John Faulkner and Rick Stockhauser
Finish of Smoking Gunns vs Faulkner, Rick Stockhauser
The Smoking Guns vs Faulkner and Stockhauser
Waylon Mercy vs Gary Scott
Finish of Waylon Mercy vs Gary Scott
Hakushi with Shinja vs Bret Hart
Bret Hart vs Hakushi w/Shinja
Rating: 4.00

Finish of Hakushi vs Bret Hart
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