Episode 120
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Raw Replays | 1995-07-17

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ECW | Hardcore TV 117
Bash At The Beach | WCW Bash At The Beach 1995

While the road to the next In Your House pay per view continues, so does the rivalry between Sycho Sid and Diesel as Big Daddy Cool evens up the odds by introducing his group of Lumberjacks for their upcoming match. WWE cameras once again take a trip to Dr. Isaac Yankem's dental office where he and Jerry 'The King' Lawler continue to threaten Bret Hart. Plus, Shawn Michaels takes on I.R.S., Kama battles Billy Mack, and much more action on this edition of Monday Night RAW.

Match Listing:

Yokozuna, Owen Hart vs Jim Dimitri, Gus Kantarakis
Owen Hart and Yokozuna vs Dimitri and Kantarakis
Finish of Yokozuna, Owen Hart vs Dimitri, Kantarakis Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Jean Pierre LaFitte vs David Thornberg
Finish of Jean Pierre Lafitte vs David Thornberg
I.R.S. with Ted DiBiase vs Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels vs IRS w/ Ted DiBiase
Finish of I.R.S. vs Shawn Michaels
Kama vs Billy Mack
Finish of Kama vs Billy Mack
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