Episode 889
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Raw Replays | 2010-06-07

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Legends of Wrestling | The 1970s

On a night where the WWE Universe takes control of what they want to see with the first ever 'Viewer's Choice' edition of Monday Night RAW, several top WWE Superstars, including Chris Jericho, Sheamus, CM Punk, and WWE Champion John Cena, take to the ring to compete in matches selected by the fans. However, things take a shocking and violent turn when a band of young talents led by Wade Barrett forces everyone to sit up and take notice of the controversial debut of The Nexus.

Match Listing:

Big Show vs Chris Jericho Untitled Document

Body Slam

The Hart Dynasty vs Great Khali and Hornswoggle
Finish of Hart Dynasty vs Great Khali, Hornswoggle Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Eve Torres Kelly Kelly Maryse Alicia Fox and more Untitled Document

Diva Battle Royal

Sheamus vs Kane
R-Truth and John Morrison vs The Miz and Zack Ryder
Edge vs Randy Orton Untitled Document

One Arm Tied Behind Back

Drew McIntyre vs Matt Hardy
John Cena vs CM Punk
John Cena vs CM Punk with Luke Gallows and Serena
Finish of John Cena vs CM Punk
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