Nitro 67
Event Info:

WCW Monday Nitro | 1996-12-23
Rating: 3.1

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While World Heavyweight Champion 'Hollywood' Hogan and the New World Order continue their dominance, dissension is brewing in the ranks of the Four Horsemen. Speculation over Sting's loyalties continue to grow, but some in WCW show support for the Icon. Plus, Konnan seeks revenge on Big Bubba, Lord Steven Regal defends his TV Title, and much more on this edition of Nitro.

Match Listing:

Tombstone vs Lex Luger
Finish of Tombstone vs Lex Luger
Mr JL vs Rey Mysterio Jr
Glacier vs Sgt Buddy Lee Parker
The Amazing French Canadians vs Public Enemy
Big Bubba vs Konan with Jimmy Hart
Big Bubba vs Konnan with Jimmy Hart
Finish of Big Bubba vs Konan
Dean Malenko vs Lord Steven Regal Untitled Document

WCW Television Title Match

Rick Steiner with Scott Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett
Finish of Rick Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett
Untitled Document