Episode 127
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 1995-09-18
Rating: 2.7

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On this edition of Monday Night RAW, the 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon look to settle their differences in a one-on-one match up. However, another superstar may look to gain some extra credit in this contest. Plus, Tatanka and Kama take on Bob 'Spark Plugg' Holly and Savio Vega, Jean Pierre LaFitte in singles competition, and much more.

Match Listing:

123 Kid vs Razor Ramon
Finish of 1-2-3 Kid vs Razor Ramon
Tatanka and Kama vs Savio Vega and Spark Plugg Holly
Tatanka, Kama vs Bob 'Spark Plugg' Holly, Savio Vega
Finish of Tatanka, Kama vs Bob Holly, Savio Vega Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Jean Pierre LaFitte vs Brian Walsh
Finish of Jean Pierre Lafitte vs Brian Walsh Untitled Document

Singles Match

Men on a Mission vs Owen Hart and Yokozuna
Finish of Men on a Mission vs Yokozuna and Owen Hart
Untitled Document