Hardcore TV 147
Event Info:

ECW | 1996-02-13

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Cyber Slam | CyberSlam 1996
WCW Monday Nitro | Nitro 24
Hardcore TV 147 ECW Arena : Philadelphia, PA

While several superstars continue to stand up to Bill Alfonso and Taz, a beast from the east makes his presence felt. After having some managerial issues, The Sandman finds himself a new lady to handle his affairs. Plus, 2 Cold Scorpio, ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven, and more.

Match Listing:

Tommy Dreamer, Douglas vs Stevie Richards, Raven
Finish of Dreamer and Douglas vs Richards and Raven Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Taz with Bill Alfonso vs Shark Attack Kid
Taz vs Shark Attack Kid

Finish of Taz vs Shark Attack Kid
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