Episode 136
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Raw Replays | 1995-11-20
Rating: 2.3

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ECW | Hardcore TV 135
Survivor Series | WWE Survivor Series1995
Episode 136 The Coliseum : Richmond, VA

Following another history-making Survivor Series, there is a new WWE Champion in Bret Hart and a new challenger that looks to take a bite out of the Hitman's title reign. The 1-2-3 Kid's new alliance with Ted Dibiase begins to pay dividends as he takes on Hakushi. In the main event, Shawn Michaels is pushed to the limit with one of Jim Cornette's top clients in an epic match that proves there is more than one way to spell heart. All this and more on this edition of Monday Night RAW.

Match Listing:

Hakushi vs 123 Kid
Finish of Hakushi vs 1-2-3 Kid
Savio Vega vs Skip with Sunny
Skip w Sunny vs Savio Vega
Finish of Savio Vega vs Skip
Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart
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