Episode 138
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 1995-12-04
Rating: 2.6

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ECW | Hardcore TV 137
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Class is in session as Dean Douglas challenges Razor Ramon for his Intercontinental Title. There is an unordinary amount of hate on The Brother Love Show as its featured guest, King Mabel once again expresses his disdain for The Undertaker and unveils a surprise for the Deadman. Plus, Marty Jannety takes on Sycho Sid, Fatu battles The Brooklyn Brawler, and more on this episode of Monday Night RAW.

Match Listing:

Bob 'Spark Plugg' Holly vs British Bulldog
Bob Spark Plug Holly vs The British Bulldog
Finish of Bob 'Spark Plugg' Holly vs British Bulldog
Fatu vs The Brooklyn Brawler
Dean Douglas vs Razor Ramon Untitled Document

Intercontinental Title Match

Sycho Sid with Ted DiBiase vs Marty Jannetty
Marty Jannetty vs Sycho Sid
Finish of Sycho Sid vs Marty Jannetty
Untitled Document