Episode 153
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 1996-04-01
Rating: 2.9

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ECW | Hardcore TV 154
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Following an epic Iron Man Match at WrestleMania XII, the new WWE Champion Shawn Michaels kicks off his inaugural title reign and acknowledges his next challengers. After weeks of cryptic messages, the WWE Universe is introduced to the deranged one, Mankind, making his debut. As The Undertaker faces off with Justin Hawk Bradshaw in the main event, the Deadman's newest enemy makes his presence felt. Plus, N'Wildman' Marc Mero, The Body Donnas, and many more in action.

Match Listing:

Mankind vs Bob Spark Plugg Holly
Mankind vs Bob Holly
Finish of Mankind vs Bob Holly
Isaac Yankem D.D.S. vs Marc Mero
Isaac Yankem DDS vs Marc Mero
Finish of Isaac Yankem D.D.S. vs Marc Mero
The Body Donnas vs Barry Horowitz Aldo Montoya
Justin Hawk Bradshaw vs Undertaker
Justin 'Hawk' Bradshaw vs The Undertaker
Finish of Justin 'Hawk' Bradshaw vs The Undertaker
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