Nitro 79
Event Info:

WCW Monday Nitro | 1997-03-17
Rating: 3.6

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Just 24 hours removed from Uncensored, the New World Order may have come out on top, but Sting has shown where is loyalties lie and becomes the man from 'Hollywood' Hogan's nightmares. While WCW Superstars celebrate Sting's actions, Diamond Dallas Page takes on Maxx. Plus, The Outsiders defend their Tag Team Titles, Dean Malenko battles Scotty Riggs, and plenty more action on this edition of Nitro.

Match Listing:

Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Psychosis
Diamond Dallas Page vs Maxx
Konan, Hugh Morrus vs Joe Gomez, Renegade
Scotty Riggs vs Dean Malenko
Lex Lugar, Giant vs Knuckles Nelson, Tarantula
Ultimo Dragon vs Bobby Eaton
Alex Wright, Mark Starr vs Four Horsemen
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Scott Norton
The Outsiders vs Bunkhouse Bunk, Mike Enos
Harlem Heat vs Steiner Brothers
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