Nitro 90
Event Info:

WCW Monday Nitro | 1997-06-02
Rating: 3.3

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Nitro 90 Hara Arena : Dayton, OH

Nitro kicks off with a bang as commissioner J.J. Dillon puts Scott Hall between a rock and a hard place. Will Hall accept Dillon's ultimatum? Ric Flair is in main event action. The Steiner Brothers battle Great Muta and Masa Chono. Hugh Morrus takes on Prince Iaukea. Dean Malenko faces M. Wallstreet. 'Macho Man' Randy Savage addresses Diamond Dallas Page. Harlem Heat and many more are in action.

Match Listing:

Glacier vs Alex Wright
Alex Wright vs Glacier
Finish of Alex Wright vs Glacier
Buff Bagwell w/Scott Norton vs Joe Gomez
Joe Gomez vs Buff Bagwell with Scott Norton
Finish of Joe Gomez vs Buff Bagwell
Hugh Morrus vs Prince Iaukea
Finish of Hugh Morrus vs Prince Iaukea
Masahiro Chono, Great Muta vs Steiner Brothers
Dean Malenko vs M. Wallstreet
Finish of M. Wallstreet vs Dean Malenko Untitled Document

United States Championship Match

Ciclope and Damien vs Harlem Heat
Harlem Heat w/Sister Sherri vs Ciclope
Finish of Ciclope, Damien vs Harlem Heat Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Ric Flair vs Scott Hall w/Syxx
Untitled Document