Episode 481
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Raw Replays | 2002-08-12
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Smackdown Replays | Episode 156
WWE Hidden Gems | A Battle from Down Under
Episode 481 Key Arena : Seattle, WA

Before The Rock teams with The Undertaker, Goldust, and Booker T to take on the Un-Americans and Triple H in an 8-Man Tag Team main event, SmackDown's Brock Lesnar arrives to cause some trouble for the WWE Undisputed Champion. As the war between WWE's two brands continues, Eric Bischoff introduces his newest acquisition. Plus, Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy battle for an opportunity to bring the Intercontinental Title back to Monday nights, Tommy Dreamer defends the Hardcore Championship, and more!

Match Listing:

Trish Stratus and Spike vs Molly and Chris Nowinski Untitled Document

Intergender Match

Booker T vs Lance Storm
Jericho and Big Show vs Flair and Bubba Ray Dudley
Tommy Dreamer vs Steven Richards Untitled Document

Hardcore Championship Match

Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy Untitled Document

No. 1 Contender Singles Match

Un-Americans, HHH vs Rock, Taker, Goldust, and Booker Untitled Document

Four-Man Tag Team

Untitled Document