Episode 460
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 2002-03-18
Rating: ADLV

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CEO Linda McMahon makes a historic announcement that will reshape the landscape of WWE for years to come with a 'Brand Extension' that will see Mr. McMahon taking control of SmackDown while Ric Flair changes the nature of Monday Night RAW. As the WWE Universe readies for the first ever WWE Draft, nothing will prepare them for the arrival of the next big thing, Brock Lesnar. Plus, Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock take on the NWO, Rob Van Dam defends his Intercontinental Title, and more!

Match Listing:

Rob Van Dam vs Christian
Trish Stratus Vs Lita
Booker T and Kurt Angle vs Edge and Kane
Maven vs Al Snow Untitled Document


Dudley Boyz vs Billy and Chuck
NWO vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan and The Rock
Untitled Document