NWA Champ. Wrestling 05-17-86
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NWA World Championship Wrestling | 1986-05-17
Rating: V

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NWA Champ. Wrestling 05-17-86 WTBS Studios : Atlanta GA

Along with his recent issues with Baby Doll, Jim Cornette and his Midnight Express continue to have problems with the mysterious duo known as The James Boys. Plus, The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Baron Von Raschke, Jimmy Valiant, and many more NWA stars in action on this edition of World Championship Wrestling!

Match Listing:

Magnum T.A. vs Art Pritts
Ron Garvin vs Robert Burroughs
Midnight Express vs Rocky Kernodle, Vernon Deaton
Valiant, Fernandez vs Chase, Garmon
Road Warriors vs Ray Traylor, Carl Stiles
Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin vs Rocky King
Ivan and Nikita Koloff vs Bob Peters, Jim Dawson
Rock 'N' Roll Express vs Gene Ligon, Randy Mulkey
Barbarian, Shaska Whatley vs Mike Simani, Bill Mulkey
Tony Zane vs Baron Von Raschke
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