NWA Champ. Wrestling 04-19-86
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NWA World Championship Wrestling | 1986-04-19
Rating: V

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NWA World Championship Wrestling | NWA Champ. Wrestling 04-12-86
NWA Champ. Wrestling 04-19-86 WTBS Studios : Atlanta GA

Just hours away from the evening session of the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup, this edition of World Championship Wrestling presents some exciting matchups including Arn Anderson defending his World Television Championship against Manny Fernandez. Plus, United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A., Wahoo McDaniel, The Road Warriors, and many more!

Match Listing:

Road Warriors vs Bill Tabb, Ray Traylor
Nighthawk vs Gene Ligon
Wahoo McDaniel vs Vernon Deaton
Magnum T.A. vs Paul Garner
Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin vs George South
Ivan Koloff with Nikita Koloff vs Tony Zane
Arn Anderson vs Manny Fernandez
Midnight Express vs Art Pritts, Bob Pearson
Ron Garvin vs Brodie Chase
Finish of Ron Garvin vs Brodie Chase
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