NWA Champ. Wrestling 01-31-87
Event Info:

NWA World Championship Wrestling | 1987-01-31
Rating: V

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NWA Champ. Wrestling 01-31-87 WTBS Studios : Atlanta GA

Match Listing:

Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin with Precious vs George South
Ron Garvin vs Gary Royal
Ron Garvin Punches Gary Royal to win
Tully Blanchard with JJ Dillon vs Brad Armstrong Untitled Document

Television Championship Match

Lex Luger with JJ Dillon vs Tommy Angel
Ric Flair, Ole Anderson vs Tim Horner, Eddie Roberts
Vladimir Petrov with Ivan Koloff vs Zane Smith
Raging Bull, Rick Rude vs Rocky King, Kent Glover
Midnight Express vs Vernon Deaton and Larry Stevens
Tim Horner vs Arn Anderson

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