NWA Champ. Wrestling 08-08-87
Event Info:

NWA World Championship Wrestling | 1987-08-08
Rating: DV

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NWA Champ. Wrestling 08-08-87 WTBS Studios : Atlanta GA

Match Listing:

Sean Royal vs George South
Sean Royal hits a Flying Knee Drop on South to win
Anderson and Blanchard vs King and Stephens
Rock 'n' Roll Express vs Ed Franks and Gary Phelps
Midnight Express vs Ricky Nelson and David Isley
Mike Jackson vs Tommy Angel
Fabulous Freebirds vs Art Pritts and Dexter Wescott
Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert vs Alan Martin
Koloff and Windham vs John Savage and Thunderfoot 2
Dr. Death Steve Williams vs Mike Force
Ivan Koloff and Barbarian vs McGiver and Patterson
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