USWA Challenge 05-15-90
Event Info:

Global Wrestling Federation | 1990-05-15
Rating: AV

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Capital Combat | WCW Capital Combat 1990
Global Wrestling Federation | USWA Challenge 05-01-90
USWA Challenge 05-15-90 Sportatorium : Dallas, TX

On this edition of USWA Challenge, 'Stunning' Steve Austin goes one-on-one with his former mentor, 'Gentleman' Chris Adams. In the main event, 'Superstar' Bill Dundee challenges 'Hollywood' John Tatum for his USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. Brickhouse Brown and Sweet Daddy Falcone defend their Tag Team Titles against the Southern Rockers.

Match Listing:

Brickhouse Brown, Sweet Daddy vs Southern Rockers Untitled Document

Tag Team Championship Match

Steve Austin vs Chris Adams
'Superstar' Bill Dundee vs John Tatum with Tessa Untitled Document

Southern Heavyweight Title Match

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