Episode 339
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 1999-11-22
Rating: ADLSV

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WCW Monday Nitro | Nitro 218

SmackDown 15th Anniversary | The Rock Likes Pie
Mayhem | WCW Mayhem 1999

With Triple H and his band of degenerates getting out of control, The Game learns the hard way not to cross the boss as Mr. McMahon proves that not even the law will stop him from getting payback on DX. Despite Al Snow's efforts to cause a rift in The Rock 'n' Sock Connection, The People's Champion and Mankind unite for tag team action against Prince Albert and the Big Boss Man. Plus, Edge and Christian battle The Dudley Boyz, WWE Champion the Big Show takes on a mystery opponent, and more!

Match Listing:

Mankind, Al Snow vs Crash and Hardcore Holly
Kurt Angle vs Mark Henry
Godfather vs Chris Jericho
Edge, Christian vs Dudley Boyz
Big Show vs Kane Untitled Document

WWE Championship Match

Val Venis, British Bulldog vs Too Cool
Road Dogg vs Test
Rock N Sock Connection vs Big Boss Man, Prince Albert
The Acolytes vs Triple H Untitled Document


Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac
Finish of Jeff Hardy vs X-Pac
Untitled Document