Episode 345
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 2000-01-03
Rating: ADLSV

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While Triple H looks to add insult to injury to the recently fired Mankind, The Game goes after the Big Show's WWE Championship once again as they faceoff in a match for the gold. The Rock's future in WWE is put in jeopardy for a second time when he takes on X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws in a 'You're Fired' Handicap Match. Plus, Jeff Hardy battles Al Snow inside a Steel Cage, Hardcore Holly goes after Chyna and Chris Jericho's Intercontinental Championship, and much more action!

Match Listing:

Too Cool vs Dudley Boyz
Kurt Angle Vs Kane
Chyna vs Hardcore Holly Untitled Document

IC Championship Match

Big Show vs Triple H Untitled Document

WWE Championship Match

Test, Moolah, Young vs Big Boss Man, Prince Albert Untitled Document

Handicap Tag Team Match

The Acolytes vs Mean Street Posse Untitled Document

Handicap Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy vs Al Snow Untitled Document

Steel Cage

The Rock vs X-Pac, New Age Outlaws Untitled Document

3 On 1 Handicap Match

Untitled Document