Raw 341
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Raw Replays | 1999-12-06
Rating: ADLV

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While Triple H's unlawful marriage to Stephanie is causing turmoil within the McMahon Family, The Game's motivations are revealed as he offers Mr. McMahon a special stipulation for their match at Armageddon. When Mankind confronts Al Snow about his problems with The Rock, their friendship comes to an end as Snow challenges The Rock 'n' Sock Connection to a Tag Team main event. Plus, WWE Champion the Big Show, the New Age Outlaws, and many more in action on this edition of Monday Night RAW!

Match Listing:

New Age Outlaws vs Too Cool
The Hardy Boyz vs Kurt Angle, Steve Blackman
Val Venis vs D'Lo Brown Untitled Document

Number One Contender

The Godfather vs Prince Albert
Hardcore Holly vs Rikishi
Test and Kane vs D-Generation X
Test and Kane vs D-Generation X - HHH and X-Pac
Big Show vs Viscera
Finish of Big Show vs Viscera
Rock N Sock Connection vs Al Snow, Chris Jericho
Untitled Document