Raw 443
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Raw Replays | 2001-11-19
Rating: ADLSV

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Following Team WWE's victory at Survivor Series, The Alliance and their sordid invasion is no more as Mr. McMahon begins to rid his company of those who stood against him and creates a special club for those who are willing to do anything to save their jobs. But before The Chairman can savor the spoils of war, a legend returns to change the nature of WWE. Plus, The Rock defends his World Championship against Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam takes on The Dudley Boyz in a Tables Match, and more!

Match Listing:

Lita with Matt Hardy vs Trish Stratus Untitled Document

Women's Championship Match

The Dudley Boyz vs Rob Van Dam Untitled Document


The Rock vs Kurt Angle Untitled Document

WCW Championship Match

Chris Jericho vs Kane
William Regal vs Tazz
Untitled Document