Raw 431
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Raw Replays | 2001-08-27
Rating: ADLV

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Tough Enough | Lessons From The Road
Tough Enough | Have a Nice Day

The war between WWE and The Alliance rages on as Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho challenge WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin to a Tag Team match in the main event. But an 'injury' from Y2J on SmackDown renders The Rattlesnake unable to compete, he enlists Raven and Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam to take his place. Plus, The Rock defends his WCW Championship against Rhyno, a superhero emerges to challenge Matt Hardy for the European Championship, and much more action!

Match Listing:

Undertaker vs Albert
Matt Hardy vs Hurricane Helms Untitled Document

European Championship Match

Test vs Bradshaw
Rhyno vs The Rock Untitled Document

WCW Championship Match

Edge vs Hugh Morrus Untitled Document

IC Championship Match

Booker T vs Big Show
Jericho, Angle vs RVD, Tazz
Untitled Document