Raw 427
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Raw Replays | 2001-07-30
Rating: ADLSV

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SmackDown 15th Anniversary | The Rock Meets Booker T
WWE Hidden Gems | The Beast Meets Leviathan

When Mr. McMahon welcomes back The Rock to lead WWE, Shane and Stephanie McMahon try to enlist The Great One to join their cause. After bringing the WCW Championship to WWE, Kurt Angle is forced to defend his gold in a No Disqualification rematch against Booker T while WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin continues to use guerilla tactics to assist The Alliance. Plus, The Undertaker and Kane face The Dudley Boyz in a Tables Match, Chris Jericho battles Tazz, and much more!

Match Listing:

Tazz vs Chris Jericho

Rob Van Dam vs Tajiri Untitled Document

Hardcore Championship Match

Matt Hardy, Lita vs Hurricane Helms, Torrie Wilson Untitled Document

Mixed Tag Team

Kurt Angle vs Booker T Untitled Document

WCW Championship Match

Edge, Christian vs Kanyon, Lance Storm
Billy Kidman vs X-Pac
Dudley Boyz vs Undertaker, Kane Untitled Document

Tag Team Tables Match

Untitled Document