Raw 346
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Raw Replays | 2000-01-10
Rating: ADLV

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After The Rock and his fellow superstars make them an offer they can't refuse, WWE Champion Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are forced to reinstate Mick Foley. As Mankind returns, he and The Great One make some special matches for every member of DX including an Eight Man Tag Team match against The Acolytes and The Rock 'N' Sock Connection. Plus, Val Venis defends his European Title against Edge, The Dudley Boyz take on The Godfather and D'Lo Brown, and much more.

Match Listing:

Road Dogg vs Billy Gunn
Kurt Angle, Steve Blackman vs Hardy Boyz
Val Venis vs Edge Untitled Document

European Championship Match

Chris Jericho, Chyna vs Hardcore and Crash Holly Untitled Document

Mixed Tag Team

X-Pac vs Triple H
Too Cool vs Al Snow, Headbangers Untitled Document

Six-Man Tag Team

D'Lo Brown, Godfather vs Dudley Boyz
Test, Big Show vs Prince Albert, Big Boss Man
D-Generation X vs Rock, Mankind, Acolytes Untitled Document

Eight Man Tag Team

Untitled Document