Nitro 136
Event Info:

WCW Monday Nitro | 1998-04-20
Rating: ADLV

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The fallout from Spring Stampede is felt on this big episode of Nitro! Hulk Hogan and the New World Order have an important message for 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. Juventud Guerrera faces Chris Jericho. Goldberg looks to extend his undefeated streak when he takes on Raven. Ultimo Dragon battles La Parka. Booker T faces Psicosis. Bret Hart, 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper, and many more are featured.

Match Listing:

Barbarian vs Wayne Bloom
Chris Jericho vs Juventud Guerrera
Goldberg vs Raven Untitled Document

WCW U.S. Championship Match

La Parka vs Ultimo Dragon
Saturn vs Hammer
Finish of Saturn vs Hammer
Public Enemy vs Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell
Booker T vs Psychosis
Brian Adams vs Lex Luger
Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man Randy Savage Untitled Document

World Heavyweight Title Match

Untitled Document