Nitro 159
Event Info:

WCW Monday Nitro | 1998-09-28
Rating: ALV

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Hulk Hogan is bound and determined to get his hands on The Warrior on this episode of Nitro after the Warrior's attacks on the New World Order in recent weeks. Bret 'The Hitman' Hart responds to comments from Eric Bischoff. Hart and Hogan square off in a huge main event. Psicosis takes on Ernest Miller. Scott Hall faces Billy Kidman. The Four Horsemen, Diamond Dallas Page, and many others are featured.

Match Listing:

La Parka vs Super Calo
Disciple vs Sick Boy
Scott Steiner vs Nick Dinsmore, Lenny Lane Untitled Document


Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Disco Inferno
Scott Hall vs Kidman
British Bulldog vs Alex Wright
Brian Adams vs Kevin Nash
Luger, Konnan vs Morrus, Darsow
Bret Hart vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Untitled Document