Hardcore TV 364
Event Info:

ECW | 2000-04-15
Rating: ALV

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Spring Stampede | WCW Spring Stampede 2000
ECW | ECW Wrestling 34
Hardcore TV 364 Flickinger Center : Buffalo, NY

On this edition of Hardcore TV, witness Tommy Dreamer and a mystery partner faceoff against Da Baldies in a Falls Count Anywhere main event. Plus, Steve Corino and Jack Victory battle Danny Doring and Roadkill and much more!

Match Listing:

Doring, Roadkill vs Corino, Victory
Finish of Roadkill, Doring vs Victory, Corino Untitled Document

Tag Team Match

Tommy Dreamer vs Da Baldies Untitled Document

Falls Count Anywhere

Finish of New Jack vs Angel Untitled Document

Falls Count Anywhere Match

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