Episode 249
Event Info:

Raw Replays | 1998-03-02
Rating: 3.8

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Episode 249 Gund Arena : Cleveland, OH

When Mike Tyson returns to RAW, Shawn Michaels and DX shock the world by delivering a sucker punch to the WWE Universe. As Kane's fire looks to burn through Stone Cold Steve Austin in the main event, a darkness reemerges to extinguish his flame. Plus, Taka Michinoku teams with The Headbangers to take on Barry Windham and The Rock and Roll Express, Commissioner Slaughter turns the tables on the New Age Outlaws, and much, much more!

Match Listing:

New Age Outlaws vs Disciples of Apocalypse DOA
Marc Mero vs Tom Brandi
Owen Hart vs Mark Henry
Owen Hart vs Mark Henry Untitled Document

European Championship Match

Headbangers and more vs Rock n Roll Express and more
Steve Blackman vs Kama Mustafa w The Rock and Faarooq
Flash Funk vs Double J Jeff Jarrett w Tennessee Lee
Untitled Document