Raw 635
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Raw Replays | 2005-07-25
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Raw Replays | Raw 636
Great American Bash | WWE Great American Bash 2005

On this edition of Monday Night RAW, Chris Jericho serves as Special Guest Referee when WWE Champion John Cena goes one-on-one with Intercontinental Champion Carlito in the main event. With his match vs. Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam set, Shawn Michaels informs the WWE Universe that the 'old HBK' is back. While trying to put Kane down in a Stretcher Match, Edge is confronted by the return of another rival. Plus, Shelton Benjamin, Kurt Angle, and many more in action!

Match Listing:

Kurt Angle vs Eugene Untitled Document

Kurt Angle Invitational Match

Finish of Kurt Angle vs Eugene
Antonio and Pocket Rocket vs Viscera and Cloacas
Finish of Antonio, Pocket Rocket vs Viscera, Cloacas
Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters and Snitsky Untitled Document


Finish of Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters, Snitsky
Edge with Lita vs Kane Untitled Document

Stretcher Match

Finish of Edge vs Kane
John Cena vs Carlito with Chris Jericho as referee
Finish of John Cena vs Carlito
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