Superstars 371
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WWE Superstars | 2016-05-20
Rating: V

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This Week in WWE | Episode 382
Smackdown Replays | SmackDown 874

On this week's WWE Superstars, The 'Prince of Dark Matter' Stardust takes on 'Long Island Iced Z' Zack Ryder. Plus, tag team action featuring Titus O'Neil and Jack Swagger facing off against Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. And, we'll re-visit Raw where emotions boiled over only days before Roman Reigns and AJ Styles clash at Extreme Rules.

Match Listing:

Titus O'Neil and Jack Swagger vs Social Outcasts
Finish of Titus O'Neil and Swagger vs Social Outcasts
Stardust vs Zack Ryder
Finish of Stardust vs Zack Ryder
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