Prime Time Wrestling 85
Event Info:

Prime Time Wrestling | 1986-10-20
Rating: V

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Prime Time Wrestling 85 Video One Inc. : Baltimore, MD

On this edition of Prime Time Wrestling, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan's search for his elusive action figure continues as he and Gorilla Monsoon take a look at some exciting match-ups featuring Hulk Hogan, Junkyard Dog, The Magnificent Muraco, and more! Plus, a special look at the return of Piper's Pit and a visit to Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff's exercise class!

Match Listing:

Magnificent Muraco with Mr. Fuji vs Corporal Kirchner
Finish of Magnificent Muraco vs Coporal Kirchner
Greg Valentine with Jimmy Hart vs Junkyard Dog Untitled Document

IC Championship Match

Finish of Greg Valentine vs Junkyard Dog Untitled Document

Intercontinental Title Match

Untitled Document