Raw 668
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Raw Replays | 2006-03-13
Rating: ADLSV

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Saturday Night's Main Event | SNME Mar 06
WWE Beyond The Ring | Worlds Greatest Managers

Before competing against each other in a Six-Man Tag Team main event, Triple H and WWE Champion John Cena come together to sign the contract for their upcoming battle for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 22. When things get messy in the rivalry between Shawn Michaels and the McMahon family, The Heartbreak Kid finds himself facing The Spirit Squad in a Steel Cage Match. Plus, Rob Van Dam challenges Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship, Edge takes on Goldust, and much more!

Match Listing:

Trish Stratus vs Victoria with Candice Michelle Untitled Document

Women's Match

Finish of Trish Stratus vs Victoria
Edge with Lita vs Goldust
Finish of Edge vs Goldust
Shawn Michaels vs Spirit Squad Untitled Document

Steel Cage

Finish of Shawn Michaels vs Spirit Squad
Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Van Dam Untitled Document

Intercontinental Title Match

Finish of Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Van Dam
Carlito, Masters, Triple H vs Cena, Big Show, Kane Untitled Document

Six-Man Tag Team

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