Raw 677
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Raw Replays | 2006-05-15
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Judgment Day | WWE Judgment Day 2006
Raw Replays | Raw 676

Triple H's frustrations with Mr. McMahon reach a new level when The Chairman changes The Game's WWE Title shot against John Cena into an unusual contest involving Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters, and Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam. Mick Foley continues to shock the WWE Universe by inviting another Hardcore Icon to a face-to-face confrontation. Plus, Trish Stratus introduces Mickie James to her new ally, Shawn Michaels faces Kenny in the main event, and much more!

Match Listing:

John Cena, RVD vs Triple H, Benjamin, Chris Masters Untitled Document

Texas Tornado

Finish of Cena, RVD vs Triple H, Benjamin, Masters
Spirit Squad vs Goldust and Snitsky
Finish of Spirit Squad vs Goldust and Snitsky
Matt Striker vs Eugene
Finish of Matt Striker vs Eugene
Umaga vs Chris Wellman
Finish of Umaga vs Chris Wellman
Kenny vs Shawn Michaels
Finish of Kenny vs Shawn Michaels
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